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How to show group tasks in group calendar?, Groups need to see tasks on the group > Calendar...
I setup a few tasks in my group for myself and other members. I can see all tasks in my calendar under "My Workspace". However, is it possible to see group tasks on the group calendar? Under group only group events are visible and only there are options for adding events to calendar but not tasks...

Thank you in advance,
Hi Leszek,

It is possible to view group's tasks from the Group page > Tasks section, group tasks view from the group's calendar is not available. I've passed the suggestion to the development department.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks Yana,

It would be nice to see group tasks on the group calendar.

Agree very much!     should see group tasks on group calendar  !!!  

why would I want to have to create a task and then create a separate calendar event

for that matter....I should be able to easily assign a task to the entire group!  
Hi B24_1629039!

Thanks for the suggestions - I'll pass them to the devs.


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