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Wiki exists only in activity stream

I created a wiki, which can be seen and clicked in the activity stream. But if I click the wiki-category link of the work group then bitrix tells me, I don't have a wiki and need to create one....
Hi Sven,

Please note that only one Wiki can be created for one workgroup  - for the wiki to be saved in the Wiki section please click "publish" after you've finished it.

Hi Yana,

understood. But once done. The created wiki for the workgroup should accessible via the wiki-link in the workgroup navigation, right?

To clarify the case:
I created one wiki for one workgroup. I clicked "publish"
Done so, the created wiki appeared if clicked on "wiki" in the workgroup  navigation.
Then I created articles in my wiki. These also appear in my activity feed. If I click on the the articles in the activity feed I'll be redirected to my workgroup wiki where I can see the whole article.
But now the issue: If I click on the "wiki" navigation in the workgroup menu the bitrix tells me that I have to create a wiki, because I don't have one.
If  I return to my activity feed again I can see my created wiki articles... that is the issue. Normally if I click on "wiki" I should see an overview of my wiki articles and not the request to create a wiki!

Sven, please in Wiki section  click categories > all pages

Please advise if this helps.

If there is no option to open the categories - please contact our Help deskfor further assistance.

Thank you.

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