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Problem to connect and sync with outlook using mac and firefox, Problem to sync outlook using mac

Thanks for a great software, I just started using it and so far really like it. We are currently alfa testing it at my company.  

I have one problem so far when I try to synchronize the bitrix24 calendar with the outlook sharepoint calendar with have at work.

I use mac (OS X 10.8.5 and firefox 28)

When I press the connect to outlook button I get an error message in the browser. I attach two screenshots.
Hi Olle,

The scanario is that when you synchronise Bitrix24 calendar with Outlook - a new ("bitrix24") calendar is added to Outlook - meaning it does not mix with Outlook main calendar and\or other Outlook calendars (Sharepoint calendar). So such synchronization is not available.

Kind Regards,

Yana Prokopets,
I am having similar problems with Outlook synchronisation
I am using Office365 version of Outlook, on a Mac
this is the error message I get when I try to connect from Bitrix
Hi Paul,

Please report this error to our Help desk - they will assist. Thank you.

Dear Paul,

Unfortunately, Bitrix24 & Outlook sync on Mac is not supported currently (due to some tech issues, that is not a bug). We are sorry but this type of sync won't be available for Mac users for now.

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