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expand activity stream
it would be great if the activity stream would actually include all activities... (renaming files, moving files, and everything else that is possible in bitrix...)
Hi Zac,

Do you mean new activity stream posts as soon as these changes occur? Don't you think it will be too much from the user experience point of you? Maybe not, but if you work with files a lot - your Activity Stream will be literally spammed with such notifications.... we'll be happy to hear your arguments - for better understanding. Thanks!

i think this would nevertheless be necessary.
maybe the best way to keep it user friendly is to be able to filter all these kinds of notifications.
so that way if you don't want to see what's going on in the drive, you can just filter it out.
or a way to "subscribe" to different notifications.
Ok, I see what you mean, I've passed the suggestion to the development department, we'll think about it.


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