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Budget Tracking for Projects, How to track budgeting for projects

New to Bitrix and so far extremely impressed.  Is there any way to track budgeting (Fixed Cost, Flat Fee) for a project and then see those resources spent against an active project?  This seems to be about the only feature missing that I've been trying to find.

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to Bitrix24! The project resource-tracking is an option we are thinking about, thanks for the suggestion.

Kind Regards,

We are using bitrix for a long time and we miss this feature. Is there any way of tracking the project budget and expenses?
Hi Filipa!

Thanks for your vote on this feature.


+1 for this feature - it would be great to be able to set a per-task and per-project budget (either based on time or based on currency) and see performance to budget.

Ruth Cheesley
Virya Group Limited
Hi Ruth!

Thanks for your vote!


+1 Need
Thanks for the vote Jan!


Hi Yana, on the road map for 2016 we saw that you are planning on implementing some kind if Resource tracking or Project Budget feature to be released. Do you guys have a date for this release. we are re-planning our full agency process inside Bitrix and this would be a huge and necessary improvement. Just need to know a time frame to calm down nerves of our Project Managers and keep the work flowing with some side tools while this is not released.

Ill try to write a full explanation of what we need that might help your IT team and everyone.

We all appreciate an estimate Time Frame on this subject.

Hi Andre,

We have plans for some type of resource tracking to be released by the end of this year, but I cannot shed any light since the concept is not settled yet. Any suggestions from your side will be helpful. Thank you.


Hi Yana,

I guess what most of the users need is to able to understand how to best practice with the Tasks and Estimate Time and Planned time. I am going to watch the Project and Task webinar next week and hope to see a hands on, of the best practices of using this tools with Bitrix. You guys might have a better way of thinking and need to shows us (the tutorials are not of any help at this point they are to basic).

As a suggestion it should focus 2 examples that everybody might benefit from:

A project with defined milestones as:

Webdesign Project
  • Fase 01 Site Map
    - Task 01, 02...

  • Fase 02 Wireframe (need to complete last fase to start this)
    - Tasks 01, 02, 03...

  • Fase 03 UX  (need to complete last fase to start this)
    - Tasks 01, 02...

  • Fase 04 Development  (need to complete last fase to start this)
    - Task 01, 02...
Another example should be lets say a Marketing campaign with this idea:

  • Fase 01 - Planning
    Task 01, 02...

  • Fase 02a - Social Strategy (can happen after the fase 01 simultaneously the fase 02b)
    Tasks 01, 02...

  • Fase 02b - Inbound Strategy can happen after the fase 01 simultaneously the fase 02a)
    Task 01, 02...

We should have to set Time Planned for every fase and each tasks. Than we should know how manny hours our employees have been designed to work on this and will know how many hours they have free for other activities.

Did I made myself clear? If you need more clarification Ill be glad to help.
Thanks Andre!

I'll pass your scenario to the dev team.


I would like to ask, if you have new information about this topic (date of release, features)?
Hi Jakub,

Unfortunately these options are not scheduled yet. Thanks for the vote.



We have been working with Bitrix24 for a year, and now we are trying to follow our projects with this tool, but the fact is that projects are not just time control, so we have been forced to look for other tools to be able to do this and this make us to work out of Bitrix24 intead of the opposite.

I Think  that activities cost control is something urgent inside Bitrix24

Please consider this need

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider for future implementations, but nothing alike is scheduled yet.


Hi Yana,

I'm testing Bitrix24 right now.  Is there any update as to when this feature is scheduled to be released?


+1 vote for this. This will be invaluable when adding costs to a project against overall project value.
Thanks for the votes.


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