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Cannot add Participant, Extranet member cannot be added as Participant in Extranet Group
I cannot figure out how to add an extranet member as a participant for a task in their extranet group.
They are a member, but they do not show up as an option when I am selecting participants. I cannot choose them as the person responsible, either. Even when I search their name, it does not come up. However, when I look at the member's list in that group, they are listed there.
What am I missing? Why isn't this extranet member showing up as an option for selection when I'm trying to add him as a participant, observer, person responsible, etc.?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Shauna,

Please check this extranet workgroup settings - tasks section (feature settings>tasks - permissions to view, edit, create tasks), if this will not help - please try to go to admin mode & check if the option is still not available - please contact our Helpdeskwith details in this case. Thank you.

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