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Optimal setup for Project Management
I'm new to Bitrix24 but have used several other project management applications. Currently using the free version but plan to upgrade soon.

I am starting an information publishing and marketing company and am looking for some help in how to set things up in Bitrix24, because what I assumed does not appear to be the case.

I have part time employees (and soon may hire outsourcers) that perform specific tasks, and so my original plan was to set up Workgroups including the following:

Lead Generation
Content Creation

and so forth.

Except for me, individuals generally work in just one of these functions.

What I envisioned was a separate "workspace" for each of these areas where I would post instructional documents for each function. The included wiki for each workgroup seemed amenable to this end.

Here's where I'm stuck:

There does not seem to be a provision for what I call "projects", which for me are normally separate websites.

For example, if two people are in the "Lead Generation" workgroup and I assign "website a" to one and "website b" to the other, I don't see a good way of doing that.

Some of the help topics talk about "projects" but I don't see a mechanism in Bitrix24 to create them.

Are you intending for "Workgroups" to be used in the sense that I am using the word "Projects"?

I also see that I can put people into Departments, however there does not appear to be a way to share information just within that department, in the way I'm describing.

Sorry for the long winded question, but I felt it better to explain my issue rather than leaving more questions. :)

Hi Darrel,

I see what you mean, we are usually using one workgroup for each individual project, also you can  try to use tasks section for projects as well. You can set task with subtasks - where comments can be added, files shared, you can also bind tasks to CRM elements if needed, etc. Due to our logic employee groups are departments - so you can send Activity Group messages to the chosen department(s), though WiKi is available from inside the workgroup.

Also  - if you plan to upgrade, our paid plans allow extranet users - which may be comfortable in case you are going to work with freelancers.

Just in case - you may find useful information in our Training Course.

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