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sharing workgroups between accounts
I have my own Bitrix account, and work mainly for one organisation on contract. I'd like to set up a Bitrix a/c for that organisation but need to wait for the ok to do that. When it comes I'd like to replicate the workgroup information I keep on my account to the new account and keep them synced so I can enter deadlines and reminders and information and make changes one time for both. How could I do that, if it's possible? If I resign I'd have to unlink, too.
Hi Jacinta,

I'm afraid this scenario is not possible. What you can do is be invited to that new company's portal as an extranet user. So you can be unlinked after just in case.
That's a pity.  I think we'll use bitrix to manage volunteer tasks and quite a few people will become extranet users for specific projects. If they could incorporate the information into free personal accounts I think you'd get good uptake and they'd see how well it could work for businesses. There is much less motivation if they can't run the introductory project  in their own account without double-entering every change. If we could share collaborative projects we would be more likely to encourage other users to adopt Bitrix for their own organisations. Is there any chance you'd be interested in developing this capability?
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