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Setting Access Permissions for Read only does not work, Read only function not working properly
I have my Company Drive set so everyone has Read only rights and they can see the folders but not the files. If I cahnge it to full access they see everything. I do not want to give full access to everyone. I have set it to limited edit and add as well with the same problem. why is this not working?
I have set it to limited edit and add as well with the same problem. why is this not working?
Hi Will, can you please explain what do you mean exactly by that?

Please note that currently Company Drive is designed as Common Shared Document Library with the ability to restrict general access. Meanwhile My drive serves as more access limits friendly option - in other words you can give special access to the chosen users to your files (of My drive).
I have a large amount of files that are located on the Company Drive. I want all the employees on the site have access to the "Company Drive" but only "Read" access. I do not want the employees to be able to edit, or delete documents from the Company Drive. If you click on More and then Settings under the Company drive section you can change the rights for "All Visitors" or individual employees to either Access Denied, Add, Read, Limited Edit, Edit, or Full Access. Currently I have "All Visitors: set to "Read" only. The issue is that the way it is configured now, when a user logs in and clicks on "Company Drive" they can see/read the folders but they cannot see/read any documents in the folders. They can only see the folders and not the documents. I have also tried to change the "All Visitors" section to Add, Limited Edit, and Edit and we still have the same problem. The only way the site users can view all the documents and folders on the 'Company Drive" is set "All Visitors" to "Full Access"! I do not want all the site users to have full access because I do not want them to delete or edit any of our documents. It is OK for them to be able to download and view the documents, but not delete or edit. Please advise. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Will

PS: We have a Master Forms Directory that we keep on the company drive and we would like this directory which includes many Administrative forms that are used on a daily basis to be accessible by our employees but the forms never change so they need not be edited or deleted by our users. Is there a better way to set this up? If the "read" only function worked properly then we would be good.
Hi Will,

I see what you mean (thanks for the detailed explanation) - please submit a ticket to the Help desk with the following details:
- the text above
- screenshot of Company drive Access permissions
- screenshot of same folder with & without files (not mandatory, but will be helpful if you can attach that)
- important (!) please advise if you have or had (!) any business processes for the company drive running  

Thank you!

When I click on the help desk link that you sent me, it takes me to a login screen. I tried my Bitrix login and it said access denied, so then I registered successfully as a first time user and tried that password and it still is access denied when I try to log in to use the help desk. How do I access the help desk? Thanks, Will
Dear Will,

Actually only Bitrix24 intranet admins can have access to the Help desk, login=your email address

If you are not admin - please ask your admin (the user who registered this intranet) to submit this ticket or give you an admin status.

If you are the admin yourself, please advise error text & if you've changed the email address in your profile. thank you!

I'm having the exact same issue as Will.  Do I need to create a ticket as well?  

Hi Kevin,

Please do.

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