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Uploading Requirements, Files and folders upload
Hi ,


As per screenshot, you will notice that the upload speed is only over 100kb/s, my question is what is the minimum internet bandwidth i needed to speed uploading files, currently im uploading 2GB of data into my drive, which consist of at least 700 files,which already took me 2 hours and still haven't finish.i am planning on uploading all our company work files into the drive which is almost 100GB. but with this speed i think it will takes me a year just to upload all,.

Current PC Specs:
Intel Core i3 3.10 Ghz
4GB DDR3 Ram
500Gb HDD drive
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Internet speed:

Thank you and regards.
Hi Alvin!

Due to your picture - with the internet connection 30 Mb\s your files schould be uploading with 3Mb\s speed. See big files upload speed (10Mb or more). For small sized files (like jpeg image from your screenshot) TCP connection just don't have space to speed up (that is not a bug, but the TCP (nagle algorithm) work this way).


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