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Link files from company drive to activity stream or tasks
Hi everyone

Unfortunately I wasn't able to link files from company drive to activity stream or tasks. All files on my own drive or in workgroups are accessible, only the files on the company drive are half-transparent grey and cannot be seleted. Access permissions I've already checked. What else could be the problem?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Hi Stefan!

This is because you have Business Process running (or had before) & these files are not published -you have 2 options:
1. You need to stop the BP, delete these files from Bitrix24 & upload them again (they will be published automatically by default).
2. For each particular  file, here is how you can publish the file:
open file menu>new business process>simple vote\approval:

choose yourself only in the voter's list & click start:

You will be redirected to the Company Drive main page, now you need to open the existing BP, for that click the file's menu>business process:

On the BP page - chose approve option:

& finish by clicking "accept" tab.

Your file is published now, you can add the publish filed column to the Company Drive lists of files to see which files are\are not published.


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