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Problem to upload files, Not able to upload files
I have been trying to upload files and I get an error message. I have tried with xls, pdf and jpg files. I have checked with Firefox and Chrome and it is always the same.
Hi Juan!

Where exactly do you face this problem? Uploading files to the Activity Stream messages or My Drive or Company Drive or Workgroup Drive? Do you have a problem with uploading files individually or in bulk?

We have a problem with online multiple files upload to the Drive currently, workaround is either upload files in "simple" option by chosing one by one & than upload, or activate Bitrix24 Drive synchronization with your computer (via Bitrix24 Desktop app) - drag & drop files & folders from your computer to the specially created Bitrix24 folder - these files will be automatically synchronized to the cloud.


Hi, I'm having the same problem. I can't upload any file.
I've tried the following things:
- Uploading a picture to my profile;
- Uploading a file to the activity stream;
- Uploading a file to My Drive and Company Drive.

All the above gave the same errror. It starts loading and then it fails.

I've been having this problem for a week. Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi Carla,

I believe our Helpdesk should help.


I have the same problem. but only for Uploading a file to the activity stream.


err-bitrix.png (24.95 Kb)
Hi Ranap!

Please check if you have enough free storage space left in Settings>Subscription. Please try refresh the page & clean the cache. If this is not the case - please contact our Helpdesk.


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