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Disconnect google drive account?, Disconnect google drive account in download from external drive
I`m testing out your system and i can`t find a way to disconnect the google drive account i`v connected to when tryed to attach a file from a external drive. I need to connect to another google drive account that contains the desired files.

Also, when i try to create a spreadsheet using local application, and select google drive i get this message:
You need permission
Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission. Learn moreYou are signed in as
I click the request access button but no email or notification arrives to allow acces.

Thank you for your help
I`v found how it`s done. If anyone else is interested: In you google account, Account settings > Connected apps and services > Account permission view all > revoke access Bitrix24 Connector

Have a awesome day :)
Hi Dan!

Thanks a lot for brinning the subject up - our devs will work on easy accounts switch tab inside Bitrix24, meanwhile - you solution is one to try to change one Google Drive account connected to the other.


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