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Any way to restrict desktop syncing?
Is it possible to set restrictions on what files can be synced to PCs through the Bitrix Desktop app?

We have some files to which we would like to grant users read access, but would like to prevent unnecessary and automatic duplication.

We are using the cloud version of Bitrix.
Hi Aaron,

In case you share files from My Drive with other users with "read" access - these users have only "download" option & get public link to the file option, but not "connect to My Drive", meaning that this file won't be synchronized to the user's computer via the desktop app. Maybe you've meant different?


Hi Yana,

Thanks for your reply, but the solution you propose does not have the desired effect.  I did three tests:
  1. Create a folder in the Company Drive, add a file, and give everyone 'Read' access only.

  2. Create a folder in a private workgroup, add a file, and give 'Read' access to a user who is not a member of the workgroup
  3. Create a folder in my personal drive, add a file, and give 'Read' access to another user.
In each case, the user who was granted 'Read' Access had the desktop app installed AND in each case the folders were synced to his PC.  That user did not interact with the website to Download the file, nor did I send a public link.  In each case, the automatic syncing occurred seconds after I granted 'Read' access to the user.
Please contact our Helpdesk, they will assist.

Thank you.


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