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Company Drive x Online Storage
I am just thinking about differences of these two functionalities - company drive and online storage.

What is the exact difference between these two bitrix cloud functionalities?

As bitrix24 pricing is saying, that online storage (still I understand it is thinkable as company drive) is unlimited in professional cloud version of bitrix24 but in my professional edition there is limit 1 TB in my company drive folder.

Thank you,
Hi Michal,

Please don't pay attention to this - this is not in fact a limitation (probably shown in the demo)


Dear Yana,

Thank you for reply. So there is no limitation for company drive in professional version?
Just I am using professional version of cloud in bitrix - not demo as you mentioned and I can still see limitation of 1 TB for company drive, so is it really unlimited?

Thank you.
Dear Michal,

In fact the space is unlimited as reflected in the Settings>Subscription:

We will discuss this interface issue (that you have probably come across in My Drive section) with the devs, thanks for brinning our attention to this subject.


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