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Two-Stage Approval Business process
Hello all,

I have installed the self-hosted demo version of the product with the intent to purchase at the end of the trial period.  I wanted to give the employees in the company the chance to try it before committing to the purchase.

I have created everyone's accounts along with a test user that is given the same access permissions as everyone else.

I have activated business processes in the company drive, however the following occurs

My administrator account can launch the two stage approval business process on a document, however when i go to sel ect voters it only shows my administrator account under "Users" and none of the other employee accounts including the test user

When i log into the test user, it can launch the two stage business process, but when i click on the button to select the first voting user, it says access denied.

Any help would be appreciated.
Side notes:  Default settings are still in place fr om the install, i have not done anything special with editing permissions besides giving the test user full access to the folder and files on the company drive.

Also when i go to the business processes and click edit for the two stage approval, i go to template settings and under access it says "Cannot set access permissions for this type of document"
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/25/2015 05:02:12
Never Mind i discovered the problem and resolution:

The overall assign permissions were set to read only with the extended file and folder permissions turned on.
Because it was set to read only the business process would fail even though the individual file or folder had permissions set to full access for the test user.
Ok, good to know you've managed to resolve it at your end.


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