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Webdav settings

I've been trying to use 3rd party programs to map the company drive as a network drive on my machine.

With windows explorer it works just fine.  The problem i run into is that Microsoft office programs seem to leave behind their temp files in bitrix which show up in all the folders.

So to combat this, i wanted to use a 3rd party mapper like Webdrive.
However while web drive can see the files and folders, it cannot open any of them.  For example a test notepad document i created when i try to open through webdrive, instead of it displaying the text it typed in it, it instead displays PHP code.
I contacted webdrive about this and this was their response

Hi Travis,

This appears to be a server-side issue, and you'll need to configure it to
render the source document. Typically there is a configuration option to do
exactly that on WebDAV servers. Please let me know if you are able to get this

What settings in the php files, or htaccess files do i need to change so that webdav will render the source document?

I tried to follow the training guide located here under the section Authorization in the CGI Mode:

However once i make the changes, i get a 405 method not allowed.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Travis,

Please contact our Helpdesk, thank you.


Hi team,
             How to  track the availability and performance of bitrix and how to Monitor the Internet Bandwidth usage in  Bitrix
Hi Narasimhareddy,

Please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you.


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