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Can I sync ONLY company drive to bitrix desktop?, Don't want duplication of files

Firstly, thanks to Bitrix employees for this great tool! We've just started using the free version and will test it out first and see if we would like to upgrade as our business grows.

I know that I can sync my company drive to my desktop by connecting the "company drive" with "my drive" but as I am the managing director of a small company, I don't have a need for those files to be duplicated to "my drive" It's just taking up disk space. I want to be able to edit the "company drive" direct from my desktop. Can I do this?

Thanks & Kind Regards,
Edited: Donna Woodrow - 01/17/2016 04:37:04
Hi We also have the same issue. We have 35 Employees that will be working in almost a Terabyte of files. They need to be able to edit files Locally but we dont want copies of the files themselves on everyones local computer. How do we fix this? We have tried mapping a drive back to the server  that is hosting the Bitrix24 but then the desktop app just freezes. Please Advise. Thanks!
Hi Donna!

Thanks for your kind words on Bitrix24 product! Unfortunately there is no possibility to make Company Drive files synchronize to your computer, the sync process is set the way that only My Drive files are synchronized to the user's computer via the Desktop app.


I don't have a solution for you right now, but we may present a new scenario this spring! It won't be exactly what you request, but still may be quite interesting. Stay tuned!


I also have the same issue as John...

We need a solution asap...

Hi Jacques,

Files need to be stored in the cloud, right? But you also need them to be edited locally - which means you are not going to use online services like Google Docs, right?

When you have Company Drive setting for editing = via locally installed apps, you don't need to connect these files to My Drive, you can just click edit file in Company Drive & you'll have it opened in your locally installed app (e.g. Excel), after you save file - it will be saved back to the company Drive in the cloud. The process is done via Bitrix24 Desktop app.


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