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Attach google drive file
We have all our files on google drive. How can we attach it to a workgroup without needing to reupload?

With your current option, I am able to create google doc file withing Bitrix24. However, I want to sel ect existing file fr om my google drive.

Thanks for your help.  
You are able to add external file while posting comment (Image attached)
However, when you go to bitrix drive you ar unable to attach external file.. why is that? There is option only to upload (image attached)

Edited: Shovan Sargunam - 01/25/2016 13:11:27
Hi Shovan,

Currently you can only upload files form external drives to the Activity Stream - in order to save them to Bitrix24 - click on the file & choose save to Bitrix24 - note files will be automatically saved to your own Bitrix24 Drive (My Drive in Bitrix24)


Hi Yana,

What is the roadmap about this feature? Other social project management software includes this ability and I think is very useful. Millions of people and companies use Google Drive to organize their documents so it would be more useful having a link with Google Drive files instead of converting and up/downloading this kind of files from/to Bitrix24 Drive. Also it would be fine including this feature in the Workgroup context.

Thank you,

Hi Jordi!

We don't have extended Google Drive integration planned for the spring release yet. Thanks for the suggestion.


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