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editing a documnt, possible to edit a document without downloading it
Is it possible to edit documens without downloading it?
I see there is an option to edit in ms office.
It's also not allowing me to edit in officec
Hi, Quintin!
At the moment there is possibility to edit documents only in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Which browser do you use?
I'm using Google Chrome. That would explain it.
Is it possible to make a feature where you edit the file on your pc ( not bitrix) and it automatically updates like drop box
You can add the Network Drive in you Files or in the Shared Documents.
Network Drive will connect the folder in your Bitrix24 account and on you local computer.

Simply click on this button in your file directory and you'll find the instructions to set the synchronization.
More information about Network Drive you can find here.
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are already using Bitrix24