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Date of newly uploaded file shows as "yesterday"
When uploading a file to a workgroup, the file is immediately displayed as having been uploaded "yesterday'. (screenshot attached)

I double checked the "properties" of the file and it has the correct date/time, but on the "Files" page, it is listed as "Yesterday". (screenshot attached)

I've checked all timezone settings and tried a variety of combinations, but nothing causes it to be displayed as "Today".

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Hi, Glenn!
Does this situation appear only when you add a file or in other portal's portion too (messages, tasks).
Do your coworkers face with this situation?
To reproduce your situation i need to know what time zone settings do you have on your local computer and in browser? (attach the screenshots if it's possible)

Best Regards, Anna
Having the same issue. Did this get resolved? Get correct date in tasks, when uploading files though, file date reads as "yesterday" in the Drive folder view. But in Document Properties, gives correct date.
Edited: Lisa Shara - 12/02/2014 04:16:25
Hi Lisa!

The topic is quite old, the problem you have faced may look similar but is probably different, please contact our Helpdesk with details (Mac\Windows version, different dates screenshots).


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are already using Bitrix24