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Shared files questions, I don't have a good understanding of file sharing
Hi everyone.

I'm getting into Bitrix24 for the first time.  I've setup my company, and 3 other employees besides myself.

Problem is with sharing files: If I click "My Files" I understand only I can see these.  But I want to share one of these with an employee. What I have done, that doesn't seem to work is:
Under "My Files", right click, sel ect "access permissions".  I add one of the employees.  But that employee can't see it anywhere.  
How do I fix this?  If I try to move it, using right click, it only gives me options to move it to sub-folders - not the "My Company - Shared documents"

Under "My Files", there is a "shared files" folder.  I put a file in there. Who can see that?  How do they see that?

And lastly - the "Shared Documents" under "Company".  Those are different than the shared documents above.  My employees can see those documents.  but how do these differ fr om the "shared files"

Finally - Contacts:  One employe created a contact in the CRM.  Another employee can't see it.  I can see it (i'm administrator).  How do they see it?

Thanks for your help
Hi Jason,

As for "SHARED" Files and Documents - here is the diffrerence:

The My Files page is a personal document library for each user. A user can place private files into the personal library and they will not be visible to other users. In addition, there is a ‘Shared files’ folder present in each user’s personal library. By placing files into this folder, they become accessible to other users. But! The access to these files can be achieved either by sharing a link to this file with your employees or when your employee open your profile page and click "Files". Read more here
The Shared Documents is a separate section for storage of and collaboration on general documents and files (like policies, directives, and standard forms for printing) which are available universally.  Read more here
Unfortunately you can not move files from My Files section to Shared Documents separate section within Bitrix24, you will actually need to upload the files to Bitrix24 Shared Documents section again.

As for contacts: each of your employees has his\her own CRM role (manager, administrator, head of department, etc) - this role defines access permissions rights. To define or change these rights  please go to "CRM" - "Settings" - "Access permissions" - make sure you have your employee in this list (if not add him\her and give him\her a CRM role) - then choose a CRM role for your employee. To see or edit access permission details click on "edit" icon (pencil icon) next to CRM role (for example "Manager".

Choose levels of access you want particular CRM Role ho have ( for example give Manager role access to Contacts as "Read" - "all";)

Kind regards,

Thanks Yana!

What are the groups, like "My Company: Management Board".  Instead of adding individual employees to the CRM, can I add employees to the groups? (And then they would have the rights of that group)  Were can I do that?

Hi Jason,

Please find the Instruction "How to give a specific group specific CRM access rights"here.

Hi Yana, sorry, I wasn't clear.  I want to change membership of the "Company Management Board" group and other groups.  Where can I do that?

Hi Jason,

The Management Board Group (and others starting from "My Company") is inherited from Bitrix24 Self-hosted version. These groups are useless at the Cloud version. They should be deleted from the list but are left there due to some technical issues (because this section is bound to BP module). We apologize for the inconvenience. We plan to take this section off the list soon.
Please remove access settings related to these groups and use another available user's categories.

Kind Regards,
Thanks Yana.  Is there a way to create my own groups and add members in the Cloud version?
Hi Jason,

If you are a Cloud version user - the "User group" concept is not available for moderation, it means you can use a "work group" concept to distribute Access permissions for CRM.

What does it mean:

There is a distinction between the concepts: "user group" and "workgroup" within the context of the social network. A workgroup is a group of employees gathered together to solve a task within this context. However, they can belong to different user groups. (find out more on this subjecthere

What means "User Group" concept is not available? For example, when you open CRM>Settings>Access Permissions and click "Add Access permission" - you see a "User category" window - in this window there are several sections available (on the left) - User Groups, Users, Departments, Social network Groups. What I was explaining above means that the "User Group" section should not be displayed in the Cloud version - because this concept is not available. So you should not be misled by this section.

How can I give specific CRM rights to a number of employees?
You can either add several users in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions - click "Add Access permission" >"User category" window > Users
choose a specific workgroup in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>"Add Access permission" >"User category" window > Social network groups.

Please note that if you want to give a group of people specific CRM rights, and if you need to create this group first - you should do it not in CRM section but in "Workgroups">"All Workgroups">"Create New Group" or by clicking green "Create" > "Group" button in the left top corner.
After you do that (have created new group) - go back to CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>"Add Access permission" >"User category" window > Social network groups and choose this new group.


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