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What you need to know about Document Libraries: 3 types of libraries
Bitrix24 offers three types of file storages which differ by their location, not by functionality.

The Shared Documents (Image 1) is a separate section for storage of and collaboration on general documents and files (like policies, directives, and standard forms for printing) which are available universally. The users have access to this library according to settings which can be configured as needed. It is also possible to give special access settings to individual files, that is, each document can have its own unique access settings, so some users can only read, others can edit, etc.

Personal files (Image 2) is a file storage area in each user’s profile. Access to this file storage and to individual files or folders within it can be determined by the user.  

Group Files (Image 3). Each project group or workgroup has its own document library.  In library’s settings, access permissions for reading, editing, and creating documents are set according to the role of the group member.

Note:  If a user does not have access to a document library where a file is located, but is granted access to that document via the document’s individual access settings, the document’s detail page will be accessible.
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How & where do we create a shared documents library?
Hi Terry,

"Shared documents" is same as Company Drive (Company>Company Drive). You can upload & store your shared docs here. To set access permissions to this section please open More>Settings.

We are uploading documents into the Company Drive and only I as the administrator can see the documents. I have given read permissions to the entire company. No one else can see what is uploaded and it is not showing that it has been "published". How do I resolve this?
David - I have the same exact problem and finally gave up on it after trying for hours and hours to get it to work. It shouldn't be nearly this difficult.  I ended up creating a generic project for our shared docs and granted everyone access to it.  This seems to be working for us, but it would be nice to use the company drive as it's intended.
Hi David & Terry!

Please check your Business Processes settings for Company Drive (More>Business process). If that doesn't help - -please contact our Helpdesk with business proccesses list screenshot & company drive access permissions screenshot. Thank you.

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