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Printing Documents from Bitrix24, Printing pdf and word docs
In the various places where Bitrix allows files to be stored - shared, personal, common and in the activity streams - I am having problems finding the easiest way to print a document either pdf or word doc.

I can click on it to view it but it seems I have to download the doc to my local machine in order to print it - this is not very useful. The pdf does print if you click save and then open the doc in the pdf viewer but there is no way to print a word doc that I can see.

Google docs seems to make things even more complicated - I only want to print it. How is this done please?
Hi Richard,

Now docs can be printed only the way you've explained - either download the file to your ocal machine and then print or (what is more convinient) open it with Google Docs - and print it.

I've put your suggestion to the Dev team. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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