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Deal files where to put them, Proposal / quotation files for deals and email to client
I am bringing this up again as I have not yet found the solution to the problem.

Each salesperson must not see each others deals - so the proposal file needs to be only with the sale person that is responsible for the deal. But the sales agent must be able to also email this proposal file to the client.

If I put it in the stream it cannot be found for email but if I save it to shared location for sales agent then every sales agent can access this location.

I could save the file to my drive when uploaded but the proposal file is produced and sent to each agent by admin person and they would have to log on as each user in order to save the file to the right mydrive for the responsible salesperson.

I saw the other solution where you put the file as an attachment to an event called produce proposal but this just puts the file into the history and again it cannot be accessed for email

do you have any suggestions please?
Hi Richard,

Each salesperson must not see each others deals
I can only propose the following: you can set access permissions in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>Edit role>Deals -  establish access levels you need. You can give your sales persons one type of access right (role) and yourself (the person who creates quotes) another (extended) access role. Unfortunately the only solution for files is attach them to the custom field (you can choose multiple type) - the inconvenience will be that you would have to download the file to the local machine and then attach it to the email.

BTW: a Quotes section will be added to Bitrix24 CRM soon.


I have tried another solutions but not tested - would this work please?

Set up directories in Sales agents Drive (workgroups) with access permission denied to other agents but full to admin person - the file is then sent to the stream (save to other place in subdirecory) or uploaded directly to agents subdiretory where it can then be accessed for email attachment.

I just need to know if the sub directory access prohibited to named persons will work ok
Hi Richard,

The access permission rules will work ok if you will set them the following way

for example you can create several folders in this group (folder for Ann and folder for Mike) and set permissions to the particular folder as:
admininstrators - full (if needed)
all visitors - denied
group owner - full acess (if the owner is the person who creates the quotes for example)
group moderators - denied
group memebers - denied
then click ADD tab & give personal access (Ann for folder for Ann \ Mike folder for Mike)

In this case Ann will see only her "Folder for Ann" folder in Group's drive and Mike only his "Folder for Mike". The files will be accessible from the email creation wizard in CRM.

Please note - if a user is assigned various access roles (e.g. belongs to a workgroup and is given a "denied access" to a particular folder in this group's drive), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.

Kind Regards,

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