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Publicly shared images for use in email templates, I would like to know the best way to have a common repository for images to be used in email templates.
We are experimenting with email templates to see if we can get the functionality that we currently have in Salesforce.

I have been able to add images to My Photos and then use the url as the image link in the email template.

The only issue with this is that we need to have a shared image library so that each person can create email templates using the same images. There does not seem to be a way to do this.

I have tried adding the images to the Company Drive and also to My Drive and giving any visitor read permission, but this only gives access to a download page, and the image does not appear in the email when received.

Is there a way of having a corporate/company images folder, or some way to enable access to images dynamically via a url, rather than via the download page?

Thanks very much,

I managed to do this by putting the image in My Photos and then using the link.  The only problem is there is not a shared photos section. This would make great sense as a future enhancement,

Dear Mike,

Here is how this task can be solved:

1. Open file in My Drive
2. Click Actions>share file>get public link
3. Open this publick link
4. Click right-button of your mouse "copy link location" (on the file name)
5. Open CRM email templates
6. Click add image (image icon) - insert this link. Save

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Unfortunately this does not work as the link generated is for a page that lets you download the image, and is not a link to the image itself. This results in the image not being displayed in the email.

Sorry to hear that, because it works fine with gmail at least. Have you tried this way? (link should be inserted as image in CRM email template).

Would like to know if you've tested & it really hasn't worket out or..?

Thank you!

Hi Yana,

I did really test it and in fact tried to email you the result.

I am using gmail too.

The link generated is

The link takes you to a download page and not the image itself:

I add the link to the template:

and then save it which does NOT show the image in the template editor:

I then send an email to another email address and the received email looks like:

I hope this helps

It all works perfectly if I do exactly the same but using the My Photos area.

Ok, you should use not this link but I suppose you didn't click with your right mouse button  on the image name with a "copy link location" mouse menu - because the link look like - meaning it should include ?LoadFile=1  line

Did you?

You are quite right - I had selectedthe link button and copied the public link.

It works as you state.

Thanks very much indeed!

You're welcome!
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