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Importing fields with multiple values, Using separator characters when adding multiple values for a single field

I've been tasked with setting up Bitrix24 for our company.  So far many questions have been answered in this Forum :)

I have querie on Importing data:

When importing companies, our records have a field which contains multiple values. This is a history of activities for this company.
It is important for us to have this information when we make our first conversation with the company using Bitrix24.  After this, it is not as important since we will be reviewing and replacing this data.

From what I have found, I can create a custom field of type string and allow it to have multiple entries.
If I upload new companies from a CSV file, the data is treated as one value and not multiple. Naturally this is expected.

- Is there a seperator character I am not aware of?? or can I simply enter only one value?

I also found that the values were displayed in a horizontal list rather than a desired vertical list. :(

My current solution is to use the existing 'Comments' field to put this info into.  It is ideal since this is temporary data, and that it is a multiline textbox.
I can pre-render my data to group the values into a single value and then import the csv.

The only problem is the result is one long string of text. I would prefer each value to be on a new line.

- Can I use a line break character to indicate a new line?
Edited: Patrick Keane - 08/11/2014 03:00:54
Hi Patric,

You can use comma as separator between string fields, but they will be displayed in Bitrix24 as horizontal line data with "|" separation.

BTW if you have any difficulties on how import file should look like - you can create needed fields in Bitrix24 and export sample file - to see how the columns & data inside are designed.

Hi Yana thanks for your reply!

I managed to import a company with multiple data in the list.  I used the format "Company Name","This is one,this is two,this is three",etc,etc..

FYI, downloading the sample file did NOT help me with this question because the sample file does not have any data in it! It only has column headings and no indication about multiple data.
Like I said before, the data is a horizontal line data with "|" separation.  This does not help me as my data is harder to read (see my screenshot)

Do you know if I can use the comment box and specify a line break character?

(i.e. "Line one[br]line two[br]line three"
Line one
line two
line three
Hi Patrick,

Please try to import your contact history to "comment" field with  <br> separator, it should be displayed as vertical list after.

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