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Schedule follow-up appointments, Calendar / Business Process interaction
Good afternoon,
     When a Deal is completed (won) we need to book in a follow up appointment one year later to make sure everything is fine with the installation, I'd like to set up a business process to schedule the appointment on the calendar exactly one year after the Custom Date/Time Field "End Date" and assign it to the same employee every time.

Is there any way to accomplish this with a BP orwould this level of functionality only be available in the self hosted version of the software?

many thanks,
- Tez Grant
Hi Tez,

Such BP can be designed in Bitrix24 Cloud version too - it will be launched this whole year for each deal "won"  - if you won't finish it by mistake, it willl work fine.

Hi Yana,

What feature on the calendar would i use to accomplish this, i have tried all i can see which may help and none have applicable fields, would i need to code the functionality in PHP myself?

- Tez
Hi Tez,

You need to create business process for a deal, in the business process itself you need action = "calendar event"

Hi Yana,

I've been trying repeatedly since your last message, i am still unable to find a way to schedule a calendar event to always be exactly one year after the custom date field 'End Date' i'm using, i can enter a date and time manually in the business process calendar event or use a field from my form to set the date and time of the event but i can't schedule it at a dynamic point in the future.

many thanks,
- Tez
Hi Tez,

Please submit a ticket to our Help desk with your business process settings screenshot (all BP conditions must be seen) - please provide detailed decsription of the task which Bp should solve & steps you've tried but didn't achieve the desired result. Thank you.

For anyone else experiencing this issue with scheduling events or follow up appointments the solution was;

  • dateadd - adds the time span passed as the second argument to the date specified as the first argument.
    =dateadd([initial date], [time span])The following units are possible in the time span: y, year, years, m, month, months, d, day, days, h, hour, hours, i,min, minute, minutes, s, second, seconds. The units are case insensitive.
  • Examples:
    =Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "-2d")
    =Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "2 days 3 minutes")
Tez & Yana,

I'm trying to achieve a similar result as you describe above but in my case I want to create a TASK a year after I enter/ modify a date field within a Deal . So in my case the BP should be trigger when I create a New Deal OR when I make changes on the Xdate field. The problem that I'm having its that now the BP triggers every time that I make ANY change on Any field  of the Deal. My question is how do I restrict the BP trigger just when that particular Date Field is added or Changed.

Thanks !!
1) create a hidden custom field in Deals -it will not be visible by the user
(in field parameters, uncheck "Show in new item form:" and "Show in edit item form:  ")

2) initialize the field with current value of your date field
3) create a BP that runs every time a Deal is created or changed
4) in this BP, use a Condition action to check if the date field has changed, comparing it to the hidden field
5) if changed, create the task and update the hidden field to the new date value, so BP will not create the task next time it runs
6) if not changed, terminate the BP without creating the task.


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