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Editing in the Quotes section, Need assistance with changing some of the settings in Quotes
Hi, just started using Bitrix24 yesterday. Am working my way through it to see if I ca have other members of staff also using it.

One of the things that appealed to me was the ability to produce quotes on the road.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to set my system so as not to have a decimal point and decimal places? The currency I work in would display like this normally Rp 1,200,000 but at the moment it displays as Rp 1,200,000.00 the.00 is never used here.

2. Can I disable or change the text where it shows Quote # 2. In our business we are sending out Confirmation Orders and would like it to say that instead of quote#.

3. Is it possible to edit the words in the quote system like Units, Qty, Unit Price?

Many thanks.

Hi James,
1) I'm afraid currently the separator switch off option is not available
2) you can change that in CRM>Settings>other settings>quotes IDs
3) not possible

Kind Regards,

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