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CRM link to Projects, Create a link in Projects to Deals
Hi Support,

I want to add a field on Projects to link it to the Deal that it is related to.

When a Deal is closed won, a project might be created as a result and we should be able to capture this relationship..

Anyway to do it as a custom field?

Hi Jesal,

Can you please give more details on the scenario you want to implement? In Bitrix24 workgroups are often used as projects, are you talking about a new task or a new workgroup creation after the deal is closed? I don't think this scenario can be implemented by means of custom fields, but maybe it can be done with the help of special business process.

Thanks for your quick response Yana.

I understand the concept of workgroups .

We're trying to have a field / section under workgroups that can be linked back to a CRM deal. It could just be a link to the deal or it could be a section showing details of the closed won deal. I can see that Tasks under workgroups can be linked to a CRM deal but when viewing the Task list, there is no column for the Deal (and I can't add the column either).

Is there any way we can achieve this?

Hi Jesal,

To be abale to view deals to which the task is connected from the workgroup's tasks list - please click on the settings icon "configure list" on the right top from the tasks list; tick "CRM" (see screenshot):

You will be able to access the deal (lead\contact\company) with which the task is associated easily after - just by clicking the deal name:

Kind Regards,

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