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Products in selection lists, Products, selection lists

In the selections list there is entry named "Products". There are no entries by default. Which item does this selection field apply to?

thank you
Hi Chronis,

The "products" section is not active (inherited from older interface) - we'll remove it soon. We apologize if this line may have confused you.

Hi Yana, should have read this before I entered the products list, I was also wondering why it is not shown in the product input form.

By the way, is there a way to input a Vendor/Supplier Name in the Deal Form instead of selecting the product as we have a lot of products in our catalog.
Hi Raymond,

Bitrix24 CRM currently have CRM items modules for customers - leads, companies, contacts only, but we don't have suppliers module or inventory management module. We may consider such module implementation or 3-rd parties services integration for future. Thanks for the suggestion.



I am a commercial real estate agent and I have just started with bitrix24, like it so far. Question how do I keep an inventory of properties? I first thought "cataloging" but this does not allow for mass importing. How can I import thousands of properties with details, photo and mapping ability. I also would like to be able to link them to their owners on import? Please tell me this is possible?

Be well, PB
Hi Payton!

We plan to add product catalog import in a couple of months - via CSF file import, it is not supported yet unfortunately.


In the interim can you suggest a way to for me to import mass list of properties (containing text detail only, no photos) that would at least a step in the right direction? For instance, I could import the property list into deals at the lowest level of a deal stage, then create owner information in the deal records. Wouldn't this then connect to matching leads/contacts/companies in the existing database?

In a perfect world I would have the contact or company (lead) screen and list the deals (real estate owned) by that contact or company. Then if and when a property becomes a real "deal" its designation would change and initiate the next business processes?

I am OK with a temporary solution until something more fluid comes along. I assume once data is within Bitrix I would be able to relabel or categorize in the future.

Under a temp solution should I make properties Deals or Leads? Or any category you think is best?

Thanks Yana

Love Bitrix so far!
When product list is loaded, how we can change e.g. price of existing products? I know that it can be done one by one, but is there any other way?
Hi Goran!

You can tick the "check all" empty tab in the left side top corner of the products list & click "edit" (pencil) tab below the list - this will give you the possibility to edit several fields of the listed products without opening them one by one.


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