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Importing / Exporting products and invoices to/from Freshbooks or CSV files
Hello Bitrix24 Team,
I currently use Freshbooks for invoicing and have about 500 products, each with an item name, description, price and tax status.This is A LOT of data to re-enter into Bitrix24. I understand that Bitrix24 does not have an import function, but I would like to know if you are able to populate the bitrix Database if I send you a CSV file. Ideally, I would LOVE to see a connector that would allow synchronization of products and invoices from Freshbooks to Bitrix24, but I know that is a much bigger request. If Bitrix24 had a payment feature like Freshbooks, this may not be as much of an issue, but no ability import/export seems like a MAJOR feature omission here. I would hope that you would at least have an import and export function that would allow bulk population and bulk updating of products. Since you have this for Companies, Contacts, Lead and Deals as well as exporting for Quotes and Invoices, I am very surprised that import and export was completely omitted from the Catalog so all products must me entered or copied manually. We also update product descriptions and prices so importing updated product data would be a nice feature.  Please let me know what, if anything may be possible here.

Thanks a lot
I don't think that we will add such connector, but we are still going to add import of products by the end of this year.

BTW there is API that can be used for adding data to the CRM from external sources. You can contact one of our partner and order such an application to be made.
Hello Ann,
Thank you very much for such a fast response.  I am glad to read that you will be adding import functionality in the next few months. That is encouraging. Regarding my question about sending you data to populate my account with, is that available?  If so, please let me know if any applicable charges.  Thank you again.
Hi Bo,

As I wrote above, additional services could be provided by our Partners. Of course, they don't have access to Bitrix24 databases, but it is possible to create an app (script) for the  Bitrix24 marketplace to import data from the required service (if it has API) or files. For example, our partners developed apps for migration from Yammer, Basecamp and Zoho.

But Bitrix doesn't perform custom tasks.
Hi Bitrix24 Team, is there any update for this feature?
Hi Raymond!

Invoices can be exported to CSV or Excel, but invoices import & product catalog import\export are not supported yet.

Export to MAC OS Pages does not seem to work.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a compatibility issue?
Hi Glyn,

Invoices can be exported to CSV or Excel only right now.


Hi, how are you?
I´m from Argentina and I´ve already have a ERP called "Tango Gestion". I´m analyzing to implement Bitrix24 but, ss the first user said, the invoice and products are so much to be added manually.
In one of the administrator reply, said that at the end of 2014 you will ad this feature. We are at the middle of 2015. Have you any update about this feature?. I think that the connection features are extremly necessary, and other CRM´s already have it.
One situation is added to me....Being in Argentina, I don´t have any partner taking in spanish that could connect Bitrix with my ERP (that speaks in spanish too). One company told me that we cannot connect our ERP to the clud version and we would need to buy the self-hosted version. Is that real?

Thanks for your support
Hi Agustin!

Our partner has developed Xero integration app in case you may be interested. Product import has been added as well, export option  is not planned yet. Invoices export is supported, import not yet.

We still have plans for Freshbooks integration for future, in case any of our partners may be intersted in this integration - the app may be developed by them.


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