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importing deals, contacts, companies etc., how to link previously imported contacts or companies
In the template for importing deals, there is a column contact. I presume you can enter a previously defined contact here so it is linked automatically with the new deal. What data of the contact do you have to fill in here? ID?

The same for importing new contacts for previously defined companies. In the import template for contacts, there is a column company.. what do you fill in here to directly link the contact to the correct company?
Yes, it is possible to import deals and contacts and bind them to contacts and companies, respectively.
To do this, you should enter the full name of existing contacts and companies to the csv file.
Ok thank you, but what contact field(s) represent the "full name" ?
This is the First Name+Last Name fields value.
Ok, written as "first name"+"last name" ?
yes, please try this
For company it works fine (since the company name is only one field?), however for contact it does not work.... have you other suggestions?

for flexibility it would be great if the "binder" field could be assigned yourself. This way you could use a custom field (for example an unique identifier from other systems) to bind deals to contacts (and contacts to companies).
The way we would use the system is that most deals and contacts will be imported from our main software system. Leads will be entered only in Bitrix, but it would be great if a lead can than be linked to a contact when this contact is imported from our main software sytem.
When you import deals and want to bind them to contacts, make sure that the contacts already exist in the CRM. During the import process the system tries to bind deals to contacts, so if there is no such contact in CRM, of course a deal won't be bount to anything.  (A contact won't be created authomatically).
If you still have any difficulty with the issue please contact our Helpdesk and attach an example of a csv file you use.
for flexibility it would be great if the "binder" field could be assigned yourself.
In the 2nd step of the import procedure it is possible to map deal fields and fields in the csv file.

When I try to import deals as an csv, it says error and says "Title" field is required. But i searched everywhere but cant find this field called "Title"
Hi Naveen!

This error may occur if at least one or several of your deals don't have "deal name" field value, please make sure you have this field filled in your import file & also please check if you have match the "deal name" field with the right import file field in the import wizard:

Please note the deal name field is a mandatory field for deals, you can see in the screenshot above this line "The following fields are required for the import procedure to succeed: ...." - deal name is "required" field by default, but if you have created some custom fields with "required" option enabled - the wizard message will also advise these fileds are necessary .


Thanks for your reply. Just to check it i made a custom field called deal name in my excel and csv field and tried to upload( as seen in the screenshot).  

But the problem still persists. Does this mean that i have to manually upload and update my deals as and when they come? If not is there a faster way to upload my deal list without me facing this problem?

If you have deal name field values filled for all 20 deals & still get this error - please send me the sample file at (if possible) .


I can send you the template that i used for uploading the data. You can use it for testing and check if you face the same problem or not.
Ok, please send.

How do you upload a csv or normal excel file?

Please check the CSV file encoding - the file must be in UTF-8. You can get a sample file if you add a couple of CRM items, e.g. leads, and export them after. The exported leads file can be used as a sample. You can also use special programs to change your file encoding to UTF-8.
What i meant was i do i upload a csv file or normal excel file here, so that u can download it and check it?
You can insert a link for the file here only, or send me an email at

or you can submit a ticket to our Helpdesk and attach the file there



I would appreciate help on the following issue - I have multiple contacts with the same first name - last name combination and when I import deals, the wrong contact might be attached. What workaround do I have to avoid mistakes in that situation? Is it possible on import to place email or phone number to bind to contact?

Edited: Radoslav Ivanov - 09/16/2015 11:33:43
Hi Radoslav,

Not sure if there is a work-around - please contact our Helpdesk with this question. Thanks.


Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Radoslav,

Not sure if there is a work-around - please contact our  Helpdesk  with this question. Thanks.


Thanks for the fast response, Yana! I've opened a ticket.
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