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Factory Reset
I am Sachin and using free version of bitrix CRM
My queries are:

1) How can i reset bitrix to its factory setting ( i dont want to delete account or domain. have to delete only all data in it)

2) Scenario: If person A assign task to B then person B assign (forward) same task to person C. After completion of  task person C sends back to person B and person B to person A

---- How can i do this with or without creating subtask. Please guide me the procedure
Edited: sachin N - 10/01/2014 10:07:42
Hi Sachin!

The is no automated way to delete all data from your account, you can delete it manually. There is a "default view" option for CRM items creation forms.

Bitrix24 does not support tasks dependencies yet, so in your scenario if one of the responsible persons will close (finish) the task - this task will be recognized as completed for all responsible users.

Kind Regards,

ThnX Yana :)
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