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Auto attachment of file in comments
I am using bitrix CRM cloud version

My problem is: I created a task and started adding comments in it. i added first comment without attachment , added second comment with attachment of one doc file , when i added third comment  'a file got attached automatically in that comment ' i haven't attached it. after that again i commented, then again automatically file attached in it.
but after some time I repeated this process then no file is attached automatically. (that automatically attached file is of other user of bitrix crm)

1) Why other users file got attached automatically in comments ?
2) How to delete that files form comments ?

In this attached image file name with SavOne_vPAS_Guide.pdf and Marathi-Kalnirnay-2014.pdf in comments attached automatically

Hi Sachin!

Please contact our Helpdesk with this description (please also advise in the ticket if you've enabled the Bitrix24 drive synchronisation, if the task is within the workgroup or not (if yes if the user whose file is attached is a group member; I see that the tasks is bind with the CRM lead, who is responsible of this lead, etc) Thank you.

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