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Changing quote template
Is there away to change the quote layout?
Hi Rhys!

You can do that in CRM>Settings>Payment & Invoices>Quotes- edit.

Ok I have played with the quotes, what I would like to do now is actually shift the location of some of the fields on the quote layout, and if possibel, a page break our two?  Maybe even adjust the column sequence or hide one or two.
Edited: Rhys Gottwald - 12/03/2014 12:03:10
Hi Rhys!

To change the section layote of the web quote forn use settings icons to move the sections- same for fileds - drag & drop them to change their location. Use X icon to hide fields.

If you want to save this quote from for all users - click settings icon in the right top corner of the form:

The printed |PDF version layout cannot be changed currently, we plan to add this functionality later.

Kind Regards,

I am re-trialing Bitrix24 although a member for some time. Some improvements look promising, although I have some of the same issues that held me back previously.
It seems the layout of the Quotes is very tedious to get what I would like to achieve. The answer above means no sense to me as I don't have the same controls to move Fields horizontally and limited Vertically.
A Preview would be helpful,  rather than having to return to the actual print layout then having to return again to the editor to see if changes worked.

Am I missing something??

Hi Don,

I'm afraid not. We plan some changes in quotes & invoices print forms for this summer.


It is now 2017 and wondering if the quotation form that prints in PDF format has become user friendly to add some of the noted fields for clear quote details to provide to the client.
@David and all others needing Quote templating:

I've been playing for a while and found that the current "templating engine" isn't that good. I've also played with other apps/solutions but they didn't helped also.

So, I've spend some time and built an HTML templating engine for Bitrix. You can both generate a quote from a Deal and a Quote. It's pre-alpha (I've done it only for me), but I'm willing to make it a public service with a very low cost (for maintenance purposes).

If you and other people would like to participate by beta-testing, please fill this form:

Kind regards
Rafael Vogel
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