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** Emails not showing up in Bitrix !!!, Emailing into Outlook no longer showing up in Bitrix
Need your help!!!:!: I have to use Outlook and everytime I would receive an email in Outlook that was from a Lead it would make note and put a copy in Bitrix under the Lead's name. All of that now is GONE!!! I still see the Activity under Notifications (when I hit the bell in the upper left) but they are no longer in the Leads database under that person. The only thing I can think of is that I deleted some activities today. If that is what did it, how can I Re-Read my deleted folder on Outlook to import those emails again under the lead.

This is NOT GOOD!!! I have email history I have to keep so any workaround will be so helpful please!:(
Hi Robin!

Please contact our Helpdesk.

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