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Keep custom fields converting from lead to deal, Is it possible to keep custom fields (definition and content) in "conversions"?
How could I keep and save custom fields used for Leads during their conversion to Deals? I've tried also to define the same customfields in Deals (same name, same type) and then convert Leads, but none fields are kept.
Any Idea?
Hi Sergio!

Unfortunately custom fileds conversion is not currently supported. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Yana,

I have signed up to Bitrix24 around 3 days ago and am currenty evaluating it for implementing in my company.

Unfortunately this is a biggest disadvantage for me that I have come to know about Bitrix because almost 80% of my Leads' data is stored in custom fields. It means that if I convert a lead to deal, I will loose 80% of this precious data.

Is there any plan to implement this feature in near future? Any roadmap? Being a developer myself, I don't think it would be difficult to add this feature.

I would be grateful to you for a short official response, if possible.

Best regards,
Hi Kashif,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. Yes, we do plan to add this functionality, if everything goes ok -we'll do it by the end of this year - but I can't promise. Another way  -  first half of 2015.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Any update on this feature?  Like other posters I've seen in the forum, we are also very disappointed that the custom fields made in a lead record do not convert to deal records...
Hi DJ Hofer!

Unfortunately no update new yet.


Hi Yana,

Thanks for your reply.

Thats too bad.  Without this ability, bitrix is useless to us.  I'd like to vote for making this an urgent priority.  While searching your forums, I've seen feature requests for this dating back for years.  I feel confident you have lost a great deal of business over the years without this very basic functionality.  Even if it has not been not been a highly requested feature, you cannot account for the amount of customers that moved away from bitrix as soon as they read threads like this one.  Those types of customers would not have even  bothered to request the feature because they ruled bitrix out from the start.

Furthermore, I was told by helpdesk that it was at least possible to program a business process to accomplish this.  However, after creating such a process I discovered that string fields will work, but there seems to be a bug related to yes/no a, list and number fields converting.  After having invested over a month of time, energy and money investing in Bitrix, hitting this brick wall is frustrating.  I hope a clear commitment for a solution is coming very soon.

This is also my biggest problem and makes the system either nealry useless or heavy labor intensive. Is there an update on when this will be added to the system?
Hi Jeff!

I understand, we do have plans to update this behaviour, maybe in out next release (this fall). Thanks for brinning the subject up.


Hi Yana,

I signed up for Bitrix yesterday, and i notice that when i convert lead to deal i loose all my custom fields.... all my info is customized, do you have any update on this feature? seeing as this issue as been addressed in 2013 i really hope you do,
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