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Email message advert, Footer on emails sent from Bitrix24
I Noticed this marketing message now appears on emails sent from the CRM;

"Sent by - world's most popular free CRM and client management solution"

Do I have to have this message on all sent emails ?

Does is disappear on the paid versions?

Many thanks

Hi Richard!

This signature message can be switched off in Bitrix24 paid plans only - CRM--Settings--Other settings--Outgoing messages.

These signatures are added only to the emails sent from CRM part of Bitrix24 (not to your emails from Myworkspace>mail).

Is the signature removed also signing up for a paid plan of additional online storage?
Hi Peter!

No, signature can be disabled in paid plans - Standard or Professional -  only.


Really bad that you cant remove it in the free plan. If you want me to try your tool and grow with it - let me have a version that I can work with.
Hi B24_3286247,

This is a promotion text line only, the CRM functions are not affected.


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