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Taxes should not be automatically added to deals income (amount)
When we first started to use bitrix24 1 year ago, we liked the fact that you could add products to a deal, and bitrix calculated the total amount, and if taxes applied would add the taxes to the later invoice.

At the time, when you saved your deal with a said $100 product (and a 20% VAT Tax), the total amount of the deal (income field) was set to $100, because this is ultimately the money the company will get.

But now, when you create a new deal, the amount saved in the income field is $120, which the amount of the products + taxes. This is I think a wrong behaviour since it does not reflect the real income for the company becuase only $100 is earned... the other $20 is a taw going to the state. Then, when I generate a report or go to my funnel, it gives me the total amount of sales I made including taxes, which (for any business) is a useless value. What we really care about is our total income without taxes.  so please could you provide an option in TAXES SETTINGS to allow your users to choose if they want their deal incomes to be calculated with or without taxes.  that would be I'm sure a great improvment for Bitrix24.   Thank you very much and keep the good work.
Hi Thibault!

Thanks a lot for the observation - we'll have a closer look at the settings & will let you know.

Kind Regards,

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