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Adding leads/deals to a department

We are trying to set up a structure where someone lower in the hierarchy can see the deals/leads made by someone higher in the hierarchy. Essentially, we have e.g. the Main company with some subcompanies. People in the main company can see all deals, people in one of the subcompanies can only see the deals of their subcompany. I know how to set roles and allow people only to access their personal, department and subdepartments. However, when someone of the Main company starts a new lead/deal that is relevant for the subcompany, such a lead is not visible to the people of the subcompany. Is there a way to label these deals as belonging to the subcompany?


Hi Joes!

The access permissions rules does not allow to set any "execept for" conditions, so in this situation I think the lead can become visible only if the upper level company user will assign it to the subordinate company's employee.

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