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How to structure a catalog of products?

I would like to create a catalog of products including photos and price information and according to 2 main categories:
- Winter collection
- Summer collection
These 2 main categories will have each 2 sub-categories.

How can I configure that?

In advance, thank you for your help!

Best regards,
Hi Catherine!

You can do that with the help of "section management" in Catalog. Click "Section management">add section, give name "winter collection", click "add section" again & name "summer collection", after that -  click "winter collection" to open it - use "add section" to add sub sections (use "up" to climb up the catalog directory).

Now when you add new products to the catalog you will be able to choose section from the new product form.

Thank you Yana.
I have a complementary question regarding the creation of the products to add in the catalog.
When I create the product and add it in a section and sub section, once published, the section showed in the product is only the sub section, with no mention of the parent section. Is it possible to configure it in order to have in the final product's "Section" the parent and the daughter section to appear?

In advance, thank you very much!
I see what you mean, technically this is not possible right now, I'll pass this observation to our devs - we'll think about this interface suggestion. Thank you!

We are trying out Bitrix.
Is there a way to save specific combinations of products for quotes etc.
We have a catalog of products which we sell in packages as a "configuration" consisting of 10-20 line items.
For the individual sales person it would be helpful to just pull up "Configuration A" - without having to contact the technical staff to make sure they have not missed anything in the "Configuration A" quote. the
Hi Eduard,

Thanks for the suggestion.


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