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Invoice or Quote Handler, How to create a new handler
Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to Bitrix24 and I really like the product so far. But I am struggling with the invoicing system.
I have to do my invoices in French ( I am using the cloud solution) and I think there is a way to go around it with DocDesigner.
So my question is:
- What is the role of the handler (if somebody has documentation about it please point me there)?
- Can I create my own handler ( I am guessing that the handler is where Bitrix24 manages localization)?

Hi Khadim!

In CRM>Settings>Payment & Invoices you can add sevral details you would like to be shown on the invoice (e.g. handler properties - seller's details, etc) See screenshot below:

These details will be displayed on your invoice, see sample:

You can read more about Invoices in our Training Course.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Thank you for the documentation you pointed me to.

Let me rephrase my question a little bit.
What I want to do is to translate in French the fields that appear on the invoice/quote so that the invoice title will not be "INVOICE" but "FACTURE" (facture means invoice in French).
And I am guessing that for that to happen I need a hold on the handler.
If it is not possible to edit the actual handlers to do the job I am willing to create a new one given that I know how to do it.
Could you help me on that please ?

You cannot do that in the Cloud version, standard invoice fields & their names are not yet customizable. The full Bitrix24 product translation module is available in Bitrix24 self-hosted version. (If I understood your question)

Hi Yana
Any news about standard invoice fields & their names? If company cannot publish documents in its own language it could be a BIG deal breaker.

Hi Yana,
we are searching for solution to rename some fields too, like guys asked some time ago. We need to rename names Invoice, Quote etc into our language. Without renaming we definitely cannot use such published documents.
I hope there is such solution now for cloud version.

Hi Edvard,

Unfortunately you cannot rename Quotes & Invoices sections at the moment. Thanks for the suggestion.


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