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Quotes - Filling price from products catalog
Is it possible to fill the price from the catalog while creating a new quote, and restrict users from editing the price?
Hi Srinivas!

Products from the catalog can be added in the new Quote creation form, please see below:

The Access Permissions for editing Quotes can be set in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions, the product catalog access permissions settings are not supported yet. The Catalog will be upgraded soon (this month\January), but not sure about the access system.


Thanks Yana, What i want to do is to have a list of products with certain pricing, when my sales team prepares a quote they shouldn't edit the price field. Is that possible?

I see what you need to do, I'm afraid this is not possible currently, but can be possible if we add Product Catalog CRM entity to the Access Permissions settings - in this case you will be able to set your sales manager access to product catalog as "view only" (with no right to edit products & prices) - we'll consider this option.

Best Regards,

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