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Custom fields for Catalog/Products

Is it possible to add custom fields in catalog/products. I want to add a field for entering quantity of products i have in stock.

Hi Srinivas!

This option is not available now, but we may add it later,


I was looking for this also. Please add it. Also make it a bindable item in the other CRM sections.

Our company makes heavy use of products with contracts. We would like to be able to better integrate multiple contracts and products into the company form.
Edited: Kevin McCarthy - 03/06/2015 20:01:10
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the arguments, I'll pass them to the devs.


Hi All,

I am just about to start learning Bitrix24 and prepare implementation for our company. I appreciate possibility to have custom fields for many of the CRM entities.

In relation to Catalogue/Products it seems to me, that these possibilities are still limited. For example There are "Bind to element" and "Link to element" types, but they only show (are pointed at) CRM Catalogue records (so I can make only relations between Catalogue Items). Is there any possibility to bind/link to Company? Or to any other CRM elements? (We have products with vendors in Company database and I would like to connect them.)

BTW: What is the exact difference between "Bind to" and "Link to"? :-)

Thank you

Hi Ladislav!

Is there any possibility to bind/link to Company? Or to any other CRM elements?
What is your task exactly? In Bitrix24 logic - when your company have a possible products to buy - you create new deal, further comes quotes, and final - invoices.

Custom fields of hyperlink type are not supported unfortunately, though each company have comments field, where you can add links with a special link tab.


Thank you Yana,

Here are my ideas.

I recognize Bitrix24 as a very complex tool able to maintain almost all "knowledge" of the company.
Let's imagine that our company is a re-seller and we have many products from different suppliers/providers. From my point of view the product catalogue within the system is not only a "price list" - it should handle more useful (internal) information about products. That means that for example a connection to a company (or contact) didn't appear in the time of deal creation but sooner...
For example (and with fields types, which could help):
- Supplier (bind to/link to CRM company record)
- Supplier contact for special price conditions requests (bind to/link to CRM contact record)
- Supplier contact for technical support (bind to/link to CRM contact record)
- Description (embeded part of the supplier's web/catalogue)
- etc.

Especially all possible relations within Bitrix24 CRM records i see like a easy to use. Of course I can make all needed fields like text (or any other from options), but then I will lost the magic of the "cross-linking" to more details ;-)

Any possibility to embed content (and this is related to my other question in another topic) will be just "something more". I have seen that there are requests to embed youtube videos, SoundCloud make a sens to me as well, probably embeding RSS feeds can improve user experience on its workspace... But all these are not a "hot topics" (maybe API or any other customization can solve this).

Have a nice day

Hi Ladislav,

As for the suppliers - to be honest, I don't think we are about to add it in the 2 upcoming year or two. But thanks for the suggestions, we'll come back them in case we decide to try develop Bitrix24 this way.

As for the other suggestions - thanks, we'll consider them for future updates.



I need to link my products with the companies or contacts, because I receive the products from diferents Company/contacts so I want to have the relation registered in bitrix24, ¿it is possible?

Thank you,
Products can be connected with companies or contacts via deals, quotes or invites only.


Thank you Yana,

I am trying to create a list of contacts to whom I should like to propose a certain product, which I suspect is a very common business situation.

Hence, I should like to link a number of contacts to that product and then to be able to search for contacts who have been thus sel ected.

Fr om what I am reading above, it appears that the only way of doing this is to create a deal for each contact, which can be very time consuming if you have hundreds (or more) of contacts to approach.

You also mention quotes and invites as ways of binding a contact to a product but I cannot find find out how to do this.

Can you help me on this normal business problem?


Hi Charles,

In Bitrix24 logic - deals are designed for that. They can be further closed either won or lost. I mentioned quotes & invoices (sorry for the typo). Go to Quotes > create new quote > add contact & products. But I think that deals is more suitable to start with in your case.


So glad that I didn't pay for this CRM. This feature is a deal breaker.
Thanks Yana,

1.  To clarify a question early in this post, it now appears that "Products" can have "custom fields" (CRM>Settings>Product Properties>+Add).  Great progress.

2.  However, although there is an option "Bind to CRM items", this does not appear to be true.  I cannot seem to get a link to "contacts" or "companies".  Am I reading it wrongly?

3.  In relation to "Deals", I've no present problem how they are designed.  The original problem relates to linking "products".  I was seeing if there is a workaround using "deals" instead of "products".

4.  In relation to this workaround, I want to link a large number (e.g. 100s) of companies/contacts to a deal.  Is it back to the "bulk edit" problem?

Thanks again,

Hi Charles,

I understand what you are trying to explain... And from my point of view it is a question of the "bulk edit" possibilities. But I don't think it has something to do with "Products".

Generally, if you are ready to send out an offer for some products to 100s contacts you should decide: Is this a pre-sale (marketing) activity? OR Is this already a part of  sale? In our company we have made many internal discussions (still not solved definitely) what we should consider like a "Deal" (a chain of sale activities). But we decided that mail/e-mail campaigns are not a part of "Deal". We still did not try connect B-24 with MailChimp (used for e-mail campaigns), but there is such option. Anyway, once the customer will reply on such campaign and we start to discuss about the offer - this is a start of the "Deal".

From the other hand: If you need to see such activities in your sale reports you should create "Deal". If it is only about to have an internal information who has received your offer, try to find solution which will connect contact and/or company with such activity (e-mail). I am sure there will be something inside of B-24.

Dear Ladislav,

Thank you for your post.

I agree with you.  It doesn't feel right classifying every possible idea as a "deal".  That's why I'd like to associate with a "product", then I decide when to make a "deal" (e.g. if they come back showing interest).  If you don't do this, you soon have thousands and thousands of "deals", which go nowhere and just build up over time.

I'm trying Mailchimp integration with Bitrix24 (so far unsuccessfully) but that doesn't solve the problem.  I'd like to be able to search "contacts" or "companies" by products so I can decide whom to approach.  Interestingly, you can do it with "leads", but that is no good if the person is already a "contact".

There appears scope to add CRM elements to a "product" (which would solve the problem) but it doesn't appear to work.

I like your faith that there will be something in Bitrix24.  I have a bit too, which is why I'm posting this.  But sadly, not always.

Best regards,

OK Charles - I got it ...

Very briefly: I do not think you should look for solution through product custom field. There are "Quotes" in B-24 Which can link Contact / Company with Product (also with multiple products in one Quote). There is no need to bind Quote this Deal or Lead, but There Is Such an option. And I have just tried that via a filter in the Quotes list you can reduce listing to a particular product. :-)

But, voila, we are back with "bulk edit" and I have no idea how to "import" 100s quotes in the system easily ... :-(

In relation to MailChimp integration, it seems that this integration is missing important functionality: Record sent campaign with Contact / Company as an Activity :-(

Thanks Ladislav,,

I'm progressing slowly but I think it all comes back to there being no "bulk edit".

I'm glad it's not just me having problems with Mailchimp integration with Bitrix24.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Record sent campaign with Contact / Company as an Activity
Honestly I am currently not involved on MailChimp integration - our company is using both B-24 and MailChimp and we just keep in the mind, that such integration is possible... :-)

Anyway, you have moved me slightly forward and I have tried to find more. This company is providing paid service for B-24 integration with MailChimp -
There are some screenshots and it seems that it can do what I have named "Record sent campaign with..." - You can see that once you will send bulk e-mails via MialChimp this message will be binded to the particular Contacts (as an e-mail). This feature give an opportunity to track and find what was sent out to each Contact. If you use Product name in the subject, maybe you will be able to use some find/filter feature to list it.

But - I agree, this is not exactly what you are asking for. It is not direct relationship between Contact and Product.


Do we need warehouse stock availability, is it a planned function?

awaiting fast news

Italian Exclusive Food Ltd
Hello, Luigi! At the moment, there are no definite plans for this feature.  


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