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BPs do not run when Contacts/Deals are created via import from a CSV file
Dear Yana,

I've noticed that when I create contacts or deals (I haven't tried with leads, but I bet it's the same story) via import form a CSV file, the business processes which are supposed to run automatically during creation of a contact/deal actually do not run.

Is this desired behavior, or something that should be fixed?

Best regards,

I cannot import any files and the support on here for a new client is 1 out of 10 at best  
Hi Patrick!

Please check your ticket. Thank you!


Dear Marcin!

This is correct behaviour, as simultenious BPs auto launch with import of big amount of records is too heavy & complicated. Hope this makes sence. :)


I see what you mean, although I believe there is no restriction on BPs running when there is a change. I can have, for instance, a BP running automatically every time I change the person resposnsible for a contact. And it will run even if I change this field for many contacts in one shot (by clicking "check all" or "for all" and then selecting action "assign responsible person"). This may be even "heavier" that running BPs on imported records, but somehow the system is able to survive it :) So perhaps you could reconsider that restriction? Or at least make it less stringent (e.g. allow simultaneous run of the BP as long as not more than X records are being imported)? It would really make my life much, much easier...
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Sure, I'll pass your request to our devs! :-)


Thank you, Yana, I appreciate it.
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