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Setting up properties for lease in Bitrix - real estate
I was wondering if someone could share their experience if they work in real estate.
What would be the best way to set up units that we have for lease in our database (we would use free version to start with)?
And what is the best way to set up tenants that lease these units? They are all short term, so we have a big turn around.
Thank you.

Im also trying to setup as real estate crm. but seems like bitrix is not for real estate.

im thinking there are some ways to set it up

Basically we have 2 types of customer for rental, landlord and tenant

Landlord Name
- Property 1
- Property 2
- Property 3

hopefully can search by property address and landlord name

Tenant for leads

its not complete hopefully it helps

Bitrix24 CRM has following clients types:
- leads.
- contacts,
- companies,

You can add custom fields for each CRM record type (here CRM > Settings > Form and Report settings > custom fields ) - the field can be of string or list type, for example - you can amke a list of client types, etc.

Properties can be added to the product catalog as products.


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