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What does "Bind to CRM Dictionary" do in Custom Fields?, Looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields.
I'm looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields in the CRM, specifically on the Types of fields and what each does.

For example, what does Bind to CRM Dictionary do? Bind to Information Block Section/Element? Bind to User?

Also, what does the Multiple check box do if it is marked?

I'm a power user and so I want to stretch this as far as I can, but there is not any real deep documentation that I can find, or is there and I'm missing it?

Thanks for your help!
Hi Eric!

Multiple checkbox - when enabled, allows to choose\add more than 1 value to the field, e.g. choose several values from the list.

Bind to Dictionary - allows user to choose value from one of the CRM dictionaries (selection lists can be found in CRM>Settings>Selection lists)

Bind to Information Blocks section - this selection allows choices to be made from the sections of the given infoblock sel ected. So the list of sections is available as the potential values for this field. By infoblocks the following blocks are meant: docs, lists, company structure (absence or departments)

Bind to Information Blocks elements - allows to choose Information block elements (The information block elements are the information stored in the information blocks.)

Bind to CRM elements - allow to choose fr om existing leads (contacts, companies or deals, depends what type of field selected)  to add as reference to the base CRM record.



I'm able to create a custom field of "bind to user" data type. which resides in the grey screen of contact page.

But i'm not able to drag that field to the blue screen of contact page.

What is the problem associated with it and how can i solve it?
Hi Praveen,

If you mean you need to drag this filed from the main contact page form to the contact page summary panel (top panel) - you cannot do that. This action is not supported.



What does Bind to User mean?
It binds it to the current user that is filling the form, or doest it give you a drop down list so you can chose the user that you want it to bind with?

Thank you,
Best regards,
Hi Gjergj,

Bind to user allows to add user from your company structure \ employees list:


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