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How to separate contacts from three businesses in the same Bitrix24 account?
I am a new free Bitrix24 user and I have a small business that currently operates three different brands.

Naturally, I want to separate my contacts for each brand so if anyone can please tell me how I can do that it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Mario!

First, if you may be interested in 3 different Bitrix24 accounts - you can create more at your Bitrix24 Network page - create Bitrix24. In this case you will get 3 totally independent accounts (Systems).

If you are OK with one Bitrix24 account & want to work with all contacts in one CRM system but navigate between the categories, you can work with filters - e.g. create new custom field for contacts (CRM>Settings>Custom fields) of type=list, add your 3 brands to the list & make it "required", so that each of your contacts must be connected with 1 of these brands. After that you will be able to create new filters (filter 1=brand1, filter2=brand2, etc.) & work by switching between these filters. Hope this helps.


Thanks Yana!

I created an additional 2 different Bitrix24 accounts through the network page.

I think that's the best option.

FYI - free Bitrix24 intranets may be deleted automatically after 2 months of inactivity - just in caseyou're the only user & will work with multiple intranets please make sure you log in & perform some activity at least once per month.


Thanks for the tip.
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