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Drop-down lists in custom fields
I want to create some custom fields which have drop-down lists, from which users are able to select multiple items.
I have found how to create the custom fields but cannot see how to generate the drop-down lists and how to link them to the custom field.

I would be most grateful for any help.
Hi Hannah!

You can create list custom field (not drop-down unfortunately) in CRM>Settings>Custom fileds>add field> field type=list, multiple =yes


Thanks, Yana.

Since we currently search by what is going into these lists, it is critical that all entries are identical. Is there no way of having drop-down lists to sel ect fr om?

Edited: Hannah James - 02/04/2015 17:22:24
If I understood you right, the list will serve as drop-down fucntionally - you will be able to sel ect fr om it & filter by the list's value after, the only difference it will not drop-down \roll back in the interface of new item form. Hope this makes sence.

Hi Yana

I want to be able to sel ect multiple entries fr om the drop-down lists (see image below as an example).
Once the contacts have been created, I then want to be able to search by the contents of the drop-down list (i.e. select all contacts who grow grass).

Ok, the list's fields can be modified (added) in CRM>Settings>Custom fields only (not in the new lead creation form)

E.g. you can create such list for the new lead form:

so users will be able to tick multiple values when adding or editing leads

But (!) filter does not support multiple values search, which means you'll be able to search for 1 value at a time:

Hope this helps :)


I am looking to change the contents of the fields. For example, lead source is a drop down with a set of options. I want to create more options to choose based on our lead sources.
Is that possible?

Hi Anthony!

Yes, please find it in CRM >Settings > Statuses & Dropdowns > Sources.


Hey is it possible to add drop-down for Custom Fields In the Paid Version?

Edited: prateek kemkar - 04/05/2017 11:55:50

Only full "list" or checkbox design is available for List type custom fields in Bitrix24.


Thanks a ton!
This helped a lot, wish i would have found this thread sooner.
In love with bitrix24
Thanks Yana,

Why extremely useful, custom fields for lists where more than one choice can be selected cannot be put into the Blue pane (single answer multiple choice can).

It is also not possible to edit form from the summary (contact, company etc.) view.

Is there a plan to correct this problem?


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